Dillion (Bootstrap Responsive Skin)

Developer NiteFox Designs
License Commercial
Compatibility CubeCart v6
Date Added 10th Feb 2021, 00:22
Last Updated 16th Jun 2021, 22:04


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Ensure you read all the information below AND the information on the Documentation tab as it contains IMPORTANT information!

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Dillion is a fully responsive and mobile friendly skin based on the Bootstrap framework to offer your customers an user-friendly website across a range of devices. 


View the online demo by clicking the Demo button above.


Complete with Lifetime Support & Lifetime Updates you know you're in safe hands! See Documentation tab for further details on Support and Updates.


Compatibility Information!

This skin was developed for the lastest default version of CubeCart, please see below for info on which package to use with your version of CubeCart:

CubeCart Version 6.4.3 use dillion_v101_cc643.zip 

CubeCart Version 6.4.0 / 6.4.1 / 6.4.2  use  dillion_v100_cc642.zip 


RTL Support is not currently Supported by this Skin!


Extension / Plugin Support

Currently as i am the only developer offering Bootstrap based skins it's impossible to offer a skin that offers full support for all extensions out the box especially premium extensions. So if you currently use any extensions that modify skins, outputs html or in anyway interacts with skins please be advised that the extension may not be fully compatible and may need modifying to be compatible with this skin. 


I advise all customers to consult with the extension developer if you have compatibility issues/questions as most will assist you in adapting the extension skin, if not, get in touch and i'll do my best to assist.


Updates Notice

IMPORTANT! If you customise/edit your skin and then update to a new version of the skin using an install token it will overwite the modified version and return it back to the default version so you will lose your modifications. 


Please make a back up of your current skin before updating!


Manual update instructions can be obtained from me for any updates after 1st May 2020 - Also i will provide a free manual update service on request for those who need assistance.



------------------------ V1.01 ------------------------------

CubeCart 6.4.3 Compatibility Release

- Max Quantity Support (Requires CC 6.4.3)

- Scroll To Top Fix (Ajax Loading Products)

- Gravatar Ajax (Let the browser handle it) (Requires CC 6.4.3)

- Sale Items box Fix (Requires CC 6.4.3)


Auto Install/Upgrade

Click the thunderbolt () icon next to the package you wish to use for instructions.


You are granted a non-exclusive license to use the skin and it's contents in accordance with the terms set out on this page.


Limited Usage Granted:

I like to keep things simple and is why i only impose minimal restrictions,

1. This license entitles you to use the skin included in your purchase on an unlimited number of sites which are owned by you. 

2. In the event you transfer or sell any site which contains a skin released by NiteFox (NiteTower Designs) to another person or entity you must either remove the skin or confirm that a new license has been obtained by the new owner.

3. You are NOT premitted to share, resell or redistribute this skin, in whole or in part via any means.


In the event you breach any of the 3 restrictions set out above will result in Support and Updates been discontinued, possible restrictions on any future purchases and possible legal action if deemed necessary. 


Images and Photo Content:

You are free to use and/or modify the photo content included the template associated with the purchase to which this license applies. 

Disclaimer- Photos included in the skin package were obtained from various public-domain sources that allow personal and commercial use. It is important to be note that it is impossible to verify or fully guarantee that the publishers and authors are the actual legal copyright holders of all the images, or if proper model releases where obtained. Therefore I can not fully guarantee the legal use of all the photos provided in the skin package. 



You are entitled to make any modifications to the skin to suit your needs. I do not provide any personal support to modify the skin to suit your personal prefrences however i may offer guidance at my discretion. 



All skins released by NiteFox (NiteTower Designs) remain the property of NiteFox (NiteTower Designs).

You may NOT claim intellectual rights or ownership to the skin or it's contents, modified or unmodified. 


Refund Policy

Since the skin and the included design elements are non-tangible (digital) goods, refunds cannot be issued once the product has been delivered. I will always work with you to resolve any issues to come to a satisfactory result for both sides.



This skin is provided with lifetime* support which covers you for:

+ Installation

+ Updates

+ Bug Fixes


*Lifetime is definded by the life span of the skin. In the event the skin is discontinued, support will no longer be provided.




Each release goes through a series of tests before been released and have been deemed fit for purpose. 

However, i accept no liability or responsibilty for your use of this skin including any damages or losses. You accept that the use of this skin is at your own risk and understand that you are responsible for your use of this skin.


Browser Compatibility

Every skin is tested on a variety of browsers (including mobile) before been released to minimise any compatibility issues, however, due to the vast amount of browsers available which each have their own eco-system to output html,css and js it's near impossible guarantee that all elements of the skin will render or function perfectly or exactly the same in all browsers or devices.

Therefore, i offer no guarantee that this skin will render/function perfectly in every browser.


CubeCart Compatibility

Each skin is provided with script compatibility details on the product page. I accept no responsibilty should you try and use the skin with a version of CubeCart thats not been tested and verified.


Extension Support

Each skin is designed for the default version of CubeCart therefor no support is provided for the compatibility of any 3rd party extension (unless stated otherwise). 

In the event there is a conflict or compatibility issue with a 3rd party extension you should consult with the developer of the extension. If the developer is unable to assist you may consult with me however i offer no guarantees of solutions or fixes for 3rd Party Extension support. NOTE! Where an extension skin files have been encypted i will not be able to assist with compatibility issues.


Skin/Support Availability 

I reserve the right to discontinue any skin and support for a skin at anytime. 

I will always provide a 30 Day notice period before discontinuing a skin or support.

Ref: 350/482